About Goleta Prepare Now / Goleta Prepárese Hoy

Goleta Prepare Now / Goleta Prepárese Hoy, an exciting initiative of the Goleta Partnership for Preparedness (GP4P), aims to provide important preparedness information and resources to Goleta residents and businesses through outreach, education, workshops and a strong community presence. This two-year program is made possible by a grant through the Aware and Prepare Initiative.

In September 2009, which is National Preparedness Month, GP4P kicked off Goleta Prepare Now / Goleta Prepárese Hoy with Build an Emergency Kit, a campaign to encourage every Goleta resident to build an Emergency Kit.

Throughout the two-year Goleta Prepare Now / Goleta Prepárese Hoy initiative, GP4P will also:

  • give presentations and Community Workshops on Disaster Preparedness
  • hold an Emergency Backpack giveaway for low-income individuals and families
  • create a Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) program

Stay tuned for dates!

About Goleta Partnership for Preparedness

The Goleta Partnership for Preparedness is an innovative alliance formed by the City of Goleta, the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the American Red Cross, Santa Barbara County Chapter to address the disaster preparedness needs of the Goleta community.

  1. The partnership launched its first initiative in October 2007 with the goal of purchasing two fully stocked American Red Cross Disaster Services Trailers which are now strategically placed in Goleta. During the Gap, Tea and Jesusita Fires, these trailers were utilized by the American Red Cross, Santa Barbara County Chapter to provide relief and assistance to those residents displaced by the fires.
  2. The second goal of GP4P was to work with the business community on continuity planning and preparedness. With the Governor’s office, the Partnership held a workshop for businesses entitled, “Ready, Respond, Recover” in February 2008. The Chamber of Commerce then developed a monthly gathering for businesses to work on their disaster planning.
  3. GP4P’s third goal is to ensure that every Goleta resident is prepared in the event of a disaster through its Goleta Prepare Now / Goleta Prepárese Hoy initiative.

Protect Your Family From Fire Public Service Announcement

Visit http://www.ready.gov for more information on emergency preparedness.

Goleta Prepare Now is an initiative of Goleta Partnership for Preparedness